A simple slow selling action you can take every day

A simple slow selling action you can take every day

Statistics show that business owners are among the loneliest in the workplace.

In fact: we could all do with a bit more praise and bit less criticism and bad news, couldn\’t we?

One of the best ways of not only making someone else\’s day better, and, by the way, making yourself more influential (which is what we\’d call \’slow selling\’), is to \’catch people doing something well\’.

The joy is that this is free, easy to do and can be done, without fear of boredom every day.

  • So, if you\’re an employee:┬ámake it a point to affirm your boss or supervisor on a regular basis. Thank him or her for the chance of employment, and underline his or her strengths.
  • If you\’re a manager or leader, make a point of \’management by wandering about\’ every day, specifically aimed at catching one or two people doing things well.
  • If you\’ve a partner, make a point every day of purposefully finding and praising something small they\’ve done.
  • If you\’re a parent, look for small steps of progress, and try and focus and praise these a bit more than you catch them doing something wrong (yes, I know it ain\’t easy… I have 3 boys myself!)

Remember: you are always selling something to someone: and it\’s usually yourself: remember to slow down, think about what really matters to the other person, and then take one small step. Simple small slow steps, repeated over time, makes for hugely powerful progress.

\’Slow Selling; is a not for profit movement for improvement in selling: for more information on \’Slow Selling\’ and how to integrate it into your workplace or team, please contact us at support@wordpress-983538-3474751.cloudwaysapps.com

Written by Guy Arnold: guy@wordpress-983538-3474751.cloudwaysapps.com

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