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What is Slow Selling?

‘Slow Selling’ is a set of ideas, tools, systems and processes to help any individual or organisation SLOW DOWN and focus instead on building customer relationships and winning their loyalty, from the start, by doing 4 things above all else:

It’s about ‘doing it right’ and getting customers to want to queue up to do business with you, because you’re so focused on ‘doing it right’, rather than the depressing ‘business as usual’ of marketing, and leading customers ‘into a funnel’.


The Slow Sellers


When training to become a medical practitioner in any field, every student is asked to swear the Hippocratic Oath.

It’s common sense of course, but vitally important. It entreats the Medical Practitioner to ‘rise to a higher level’ and act with integrity and good faith in all matters.

In making a public declaration, they are making a strong statement to themselves and to the world that they espouse these values and are prepared to be held accountable to them.

That’s why it’s such a strong tradition.

We suggest that the same is true in the ‘sales’ process. In this hyper-connected, customer empowered and transparent world, the reputation and trust of the individual and organisation is of paramount importance for it to thrive … and for customers to truly benefit.​

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A Short Introduction To The SSA

The ‘Slow Sellers Association’ is the official organisation to promote and support ‘Slow Selling’ It will give you the ideas, tools, systems, and processes outlined in ‘Slow Selling’, in small.

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