Slow Selling

Slow Sellers


The death of the High St according to Mountfords



A customer’s REAL needs

Slow Selling a Cumberland Sausage

How to sell more, with integrity

The Slow Seller’s Oath

Perhaps anyone selling anything in any profession, in order to be called a ‘professional’, ought to swear ‘The Slow Sellers Oath’ and be proud to stick to it. Indeed, we teach this oath as a key part of the ‘Slow Selling’ process, and it is the main ingredient of membership of the ‘Slow Sellers Association’.

Slow Down to Sell More

In today’s frantic marketplace it’s easy to miss the true winners. So many organisations spend so much money advertising, hyping and interrupting across a multitude of media channels, that other businesses begin to mistakenly believe that these organisations are hyper successful, and that they need to behave in a similar way in order to compete and sell more.

How to get involved and join the ‘Slow Selling’ movement.

Start talking about ‘slow selling’ and the ideas we put forward to your colleagues and customers: guage their reaction to the ideas and, if positive move on to step 2

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