Slow Selling Readiness Checker

Thanks for taking the ‘Slow Selling Readiness Checker’: this is designed to ask you a few probing questions, and, from this, to highlight areas for your attention.

We hope you enjoy the assessment: it’s 13 questions: these are not all encompassing: there are many aspects and tools in ‘Slow Selling’, but this will get you started in an easy and helpful way.

Please answer the questions quickly and as openly and honestly as you can. Don’t take time to ponder over them: just give your ‘gut feel’ response: you can take this assessment as many times as you like!

This will produce a simple set of scores which we will email to you, along with the questions, your answers to them, and some action suggestions

  • Get Your Results

  • We hope this has raised a few questions and ideas for you to get to work on.

    Please do come back and review these questions regularly; perhaps even share them with colleagues and trusted customers…

    But, of course, these short questionnaires can be a bit simplistic and you often feel like you’re left with more questions than answers! You also need ideas and tools that are specifically designed for your marketplace, your type of organisation and that really address the daily issues you have.

    Here are 3 small and easy actions you can take! Please tick all that interest you:

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