Every Business Has Only 3 Choices


In the perpetual race for survival and profit, every organisation basically has three choices:

  1. Stay as we are and hope for the best.
  2. Race to the bottom: be the cheapest and/or fastest.
  3. Race to the top: be the ones everyone talks about for the right reasons.

Well, I guess it’s obvious which one we’d recommend as promoters of ‘Slow Selling’, but let’s first take a look at the other 2 options, to see how viable they are:

Option1: ‘Stay as we are and hope for the best’: this is a very common option, which is often allied to annual efficiency drives, reorganisations, rebranding and cost cutting (does this ring any bells?). The problem is that it’s delusional: everyone else is changing, competition is arising in every corner, customers are continually looking for better answers, and innovation is working hard to make you irrelevant. The only good news is that you’ll be outgunned before you know about it…

Option2: ‘The race for the bottom’: the main problem here is that you might win (in fact, you have to win in order to survive at all), and, in order to do this, you’ll need to squeeze everything tighter and tighter. It may work for a while, but for sure, customers who you win on price or speed aren’t loyal to you: they’re loyal to the price or speed … and the moment that someone else shows up who is a fraction cheaper or quicker, they’ll be off like a rat out of an aqueduct… never to return.

So, to cut a long story short, Option 3 is the only long-term viable option. If you’re only looking for a short term ‘flash in the pan’, then please ignore this blog. But if you’d like to survive and thrive in the long term, and if you’d like to have customers queueing up to buy from you (without sacrificing principles or profits), then perhaps you might want to study and apply some of the ideas and principles in ‘Slow Selling’.

And you might also want to publish the fact that you’re thinking and building your systems this way by talking about the idea of ‘Slow Selling’ and ‘Slow Principles’: you might find it’s VERY attractive to customers…

These are some of the principles and questions we address in Slow Selling: please click here to join our top tips and updates list.

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