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Slow Selling: How to get Customers Wanting to Buy Without Sacrificing Principles or Profits

In today’s revolutionary market the classic sales model is both out of date and dangerous.

Often it seems like you don’t just have to run tokeep up, you have to continually sprint, market and discount.

That’s exhausting, but – there is another way.

The best and most successful Organisations don’t follow this chaotic strategy: they slow down and design world class solutions that optimize sales for the long term.

This is the approach we call ‘Slow Selling’.

Author spotlight

Guy started his career as a beer sales rep in Kent, UK.

After a varied career in the hospitality industry, both running his own award-winning businesses, and in senior levels in large organisations, he used his experience in turning around failing businesses to write his first book: ‘Great or Poor’.

Guy now runs his own business support and advice business, specialising in effective sales, loyalty and reputation systems that help organisations continually build profits whilst also reducing unnecessary costs and problems.

Guy is also the founder of the ‘Slow Sellers Association’.


Guy Arnold

Readers say

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This is an excellent and very useful guide. If you own or run a business, are or are involved in sales, I recommend you read it, because it has certainly given me added insight.

The author discusses both broad strategy and detailed tactics.

This is a practical guide that will help the modern sales person stay ahead of the curve, and remain relevant in todays world. It would be an especially useful read for sales personnel in older established companies, a surprising number of which have still not embraced or fully understood the arena they now inhabit. I am happy to recommend it.

Gareth Williams

This book challenges us all to totally rethink our approach to selling. 

It feels totally wrong to slow down instead of speeding up to get better results, and get when you dig into the book you see it makes total sense. 

A must read for any sales professional and for the rest of us who try to influence people or sell ourselves.

Michael Brown

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