How To Attract Customers

how to attract customers

Everyone is seeking to ‘attract customers’ … all day, in every sphere of life: we all want other people to be attracted and interested in us, and to want to engage with us.

The art of making this happen consistently and continually is what we call … ‘selling’

In his masterpiece ‘How to win friends and influence people’, Dale Carnegie states:

  • The key to interesting and attracting others is to be interested in them.

In this way, he states, you can achieve in 2 weeks what otherwise would take you 2 years or more.

As with everything effective, in order to do this properly, you need to SLOW DOWN, get your mind in the right place and focus on empathy and open questions, step by step to understand what THEY believe and want to achieve.

(Not what YOU think they believe and want to achieve … and certainly not your interpretation or judgement on their thoughts!)

The process is to:

  1. Leave your own ego at the door
  2. Have a genuine intent to be interested in them for their sake
  3. Listen and ask open questions to understand
  4. Never evaluate or probe: just listen and understand with integrity
  5. Check your understanding with them
  6. When they’re ready, work constructively with them to find solutions to their problems and opportunities (and, by the way, also to yours).

Doing this process is a great example of achieving ‘primary success’ (as we discussed in our last blog).

The KEY is to get WHOLE ORGANISATIONS systematically built around these principles: genuine interest in fully valuing and understanding the customer’s REAL needs and helping them get the results they want.

And this will apply to EVERY STEP in the organisation’s processes: your chain is only as good as its weakest link…

These, of course, are the key processes behind the ‘Slow Selling’ systems. And, as ever, they follow the 4 key ‘Slow Selling’ principles:

  1. Beliefs: Make valuing and helping the customer your genuine first interest … then money will follow … not the other way round.
  2. Emotions: asking and listening empathically, so that the customer genuinely feels valued, trusting and at ease.
  3. Actions: processes that are built, inch by inch, to achieve the above at every step
  4. Results: feedback and continuous improvement systems built upon what the customer wants to tell you (not what you want to ask)

So there you have it: ‘success through systems’ in a nutshell: how to genuinely attract (and convert, wow and retain) customers at every step of the way.

You know it’s right, because it’s common sense: now all you have to do is put it into practice!

Easy to say, much harder to do: that’s why we offer you our help.

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