How To Cope With The Day To Day, And Continually Improve

how to cope with the day to day and continually improve

As a leader or manager in an Independent business, the buck usually stops with you.

And that can be hard to deal with!

Sometimes you feel you’re out there on your own, and life keeps on beating you down just as you’re about to get up … like stormy waves on the shore.

On top of this, the snake oil salesmen are continually knocking at your door, both online and in person, to offer you the latest quick fix or ‘amazing solution’ to all your problems.

So how can you cope with this on a day to day basis, how do you keep self disciplined to stick to what really matters, focused to ignore the trivial… AND find the time and space to keep things moving forward as well?

Not an easy task.

But one that’s essential to thrive and survive in the hyper competitive, dog eat dog world that we call ‘reality’.

And this world has now become twice as competitive with the fallout from the Covid 19 crisis.

We suggest that an answer can be found in applying the same question to any highly competitive situation: how, for example, do top athletes keep focused, measured and improving, and how do artists get honest feedback, ideas and inspiration?

The secret lies perhaps in having a set of principles to stick to (through thick and thin), continually remembering that progress inch by inch is the key, and, most importantly, having a trusted person or people to give you feedback and hold you accountable?

All top athletes have coaches and training teams.

All artists have communities and trusted colleagues.

So, perhaps one of the key secrets in business, to help you cope with the day and continually improve  is to have the same sort of support network.

This could be formal or informal and direct or indirect.

You could easily find a coach to work with you.. But how much will it cost and how certain are you of their abilities, principles and tools?

You could join a networking or lunch group, but how helpful will the feedback be and what are the real agendas of those you’re spending this valuable time with?

These are yet more questions and issues for you to make a decision on. Of course, once you’ve found a great system and found a group of people or an individual you like and trust to help you progress with this system, you’ll have a huge advantage… As well as confidence and peace of mind.

So, to cut to the point, here’s a simple 4 step checklist to help you make a sound decision and find the right people and systems to help you going forward.

  1. Make sure of the principles you want to stick to (this is crucially important to be crystal clear on, as this will guide everything going forward). We suggest the ‘Slow Selling’ principles.
  2. Learn and commit to the ‘Go the extra inch’ principle as your key driver of success : daily, weekly, monthly and project by project.
  3. Find a person and group that supports these principles and this ‘go the extra inch’ process, and will hold you accountable on a weekly basis… (and, of course, we’d suggest the ‘Slow Sellers Association’ could be the system to use for this… Its not complete yet, but you can join the weekly tips and suggestions list by clicking here: it’s free and always will be).
  4. And lastly, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that whatever system you use, it won’t cost a small fortune! You’ve got enough pressure on costs and time already: I’m assuming that you don’t want to make it worse! (You can sign up to the weekly free tips service from the ‘Slow Sellers Association ‘ here, and when the more bespoke paid version also becomes available, we’ll make sure that you’re told about it and invited to try it out for free).

So, to sum up, as a leader or owner of an independent business, you know that you’re always up against it, but you may not know the key principles to employ to ensure you get the help you need, to compete and stay sane (and continually improve).

Whether you like the ideas of ‘Slow Selling’ or not, we hope that the above 4 key steps will help you… And if you do like the ideas of ‘Slow Selling’, then BE SURE to sign up to the free weekly tips service by clicking below.

Slow Selling is a UK based not for profit movement for change in selling.

Our systems deliver peace of mind and confidence to caring managers who want to do the right thing and grow their business, without sacrificing principles or profit.

To find out more, please click here or email

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