How To Drive Quick Sales With Special Offers


All too often, when trying to promote goods and services, organisations are tempted to ‘sex up’ their promise:

  • A ‘one time’ only offer
  • This week only, 50% off
  • Hurry while stocks last
  • I’ve been warned that stocks are low

The problem with all these are they aim to appeal to basic animal instincts, and get customers to panic and press the ‘buy’ button before they stop to consider and compare. We call this ‘speedy selling’.

Sexy sounding offers for speedy sales.

The only problem is that they create false expectations, let people down, annoy existing customers and destroy trust and reputation over the long term.

Far better perhaps to be slow, steady and obsessively consistent in all your systems (so the customer always gets a consistent experience, no matter who they deal with), and obsessively consistent in building your brand (so your reputation spreads slowly, steadily and consistently for huge long-term success).

Focus step by step, week by week on ‘Going the extra inch’

  • The extra inch with your people: to help them improve and grow.
  • The extra inch with your products: so they’re always improving incrementally.
  • The extra inch with your processes: so they become more and more efficient and consistent.

No it isn’t quick, no it isn’t sexy, no it certainly isn’t easy.

But by heck it works!

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