How To Empower Your People Effectively


Every business owner or leader wants their team to be empowered: working enthusiastically and effectively and making decisions as if it were their own business.

But few organisations genuinely achieve this.

In fact, recent research shows that:

  • Less than 30% of employees knew how their role contributed to the success of the business, and
  • Less than 40% were motivated to go beyond what they were ‘directly paid’ to do.

These are shocking statistics, yet, as customers, I think we can be sure that they’re fairly accurate!

So, how can we empower our people and ensure that they want to go ‘above and beyond’ consistently and continually?

We suggest in ‘Slow Selling’, that all effective action should comply with 4 key principles of human behaviour and motivation:

Beliefs / Emotions / Actions / Results

Here’s our suggestion on how these 4 principles apply to the subject of ‘How to empower your people effectively’.

  • Beliefs: you have to have the genuine belief that your people are independent beings in their own right, with independent beliefs and emotions. This is just a part of their life: your job is to value, support and motivate them so well that they want to go ‘above and beyond’ and see their role as valuable and worthwhile, no matter what pay they’re getting.
  • Emotions: you need to constantly listen to their emotions: they are your number one customer: if you win their hearts and affections, then they’ll do the same for your customers. If not, they won’t. Constantly listen for ideas and steps you can take to make their life better or easier, build a high trust environment and genuinely show that you care about them as a person, NOT as a number on the payroll!
  • Actions: look to ‘Go the extra inch’ on continually taking action on the above information, and look to ‘Go the extra inch’ in every interaction with them. They will judge you by your actions, NOT by your intentions!
  • Results: make sure you have effective ‘lead’ measures that focus on actions before results: your people will only get the right results if they take the right actions: you need to identify and measure or evidence the effective actions, and then ‘catch them doing it well’, affirm them, let them grow, praise progress and hold them accountable step by step, inch by inch.

Very few organisations understand these key points or give serious budget or time to them.

Instead, they lose profits hand over first because their people are disengaged or ineffective (and they don’t know this is going on, because no one is doing any better!) Instead, they struggle on with reorganisations, HR initiatives and short-term incentives.

Chasing butterflies while the elephants are escaping …

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