How To Ensure You Always Succeed


Everyone wants to ‘succeed’ and everyone wants to ‘win’… especially in sales!

But ‘winning’ in sales 100% of the time is unrealistic … sometimes you will lose.

You can increase the winning percent by cheating with shortcuts, or by selling below a reasonable margin, but, in the long term, these tactics always come back to bite you. (That’s why ‘selling’ has such a bad name and such traditionally low levels of trust and reputation).

So, how can you increase your chances of winning without sacrificing your principles or your profits…?

… and how can you make sure that you’re always upbeat and proactive, whether you get the deal today or not?

In his seminal masterpiece ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Steven Covey talks about ‘primary success’ and ‘secondary success’:

He suggests that:

  • Primary success’ is about sticking to your principles, working on continually improving your skills, always being prepared to give a situation your ‘best shot’ with no excuses and continually holding yourself accountable (and, if you’re a leader of others, doing the same with them).
  • And ‘secondary success’ is the results of doing the above.

The trouble is that we’re always so much in a rush, and so blinkered (and brainwashed) to focus on secondary success, that we’re often tempted to go for the shortcuts in order to get the results we want. On top of this, our animal ‘fight or flight’ instincts push us towards this all the time…

And then we’re surprised when we continually struggle and life becomes much harder than it needs to be!

They say that adversity reveals the true character of a person!

The amazing joy of knowing this ‘secret’ is that ‘primary success’ is always within our sphere of control … so we can always achieve it.

  • We can always stick to our principles,
  • we can always work on look to improve ourselves
  • we can always give something our ‘best shot’ without excuses
  • and we can always hold ourselves accountable.

(And, of course, ‘secondary success’ is always outside our sphere of control, and therefore so often so elusive).

The key, of course, is to focus obsessively on continually creating ‘primary success’, and the paradoxical miracle is that, if we do this, then secondary success flows much more quickly and easily!

The challenge is to stick to ‘primary success’ consistently and continually, through thick and thin, no matter how tough it gets: and this is the REAL test of effectiveness and success in life.

Very few people understand these key points or give serious effort to them: it’s ‘easier’ in the short term to focus on secondary success (primary success takes some real effort).

Because it’s ‘hard’ to do, so often people don’t put the effort in: but this is even better news for those that do:

  • Because so few people (and organisations) put the consistent effort into ‘primary success’, then those that do will quickly and easily put themselves head and shoulders above their competition!

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

‘Primary success’ is what ‘Slow Selling’ is all about: the key is to slow down, put simple, effective ‘primary success’ systems in place, and then stick to them and hold yourselves accountable.

Easy to say, much harder to do: that’s why we offer you our help.

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