How To Know What Your Customer Really Thinks Of You


Every business owner or leader needs to know what their customer really thinks of them.

But it’s not easy to do it right and it’s not easy to listen to the feedback if you get it.

In fact, recent research shows that there is a massive gap between what business owners THINK their customers think of them, and what in reality they DO think.

Over 80% of organisations believe that they are giving a ‘good’ or better service to the customers, yet, typically only 8% of customers would agree with this.

When you consider that ‘less than delighted’ customers won’t be loyal, will shop around on price and will go to your competitor next time, this is a MASSIVE hidden cost to the average organisation.

Amazingly, the answer is simple to understand. You need to:

  1. Commit to open and professional feedback systems that make it easier for a customer to tell you what they think (and for you to respond to this feedback) than it would be for them to review you on a public site, such as Google reviews (over which you have no control).
  2. Understand that there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ feedback: ALL FEEDBACK IS VALUABLE! If it’s positive, you know what to do more of (and you have a loyal customer who you can build a relationship with), and if it’s negative, you know what to stop doing and what systems to change (and you have a customer who cares and is open to you blowing their socks off with your response)

Yet so few organisations understand these key points or give serious budget or time to them.

Instead, they lose customers like water from a leaky bucket, and, instead, focus on trying to turn the tap on more, to fill the bucket quicker.

Wasteful madness!

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