How To Leverage Passion As A Key Sales Tool

how to leverage passion as a key sales tool

‘Passion’ is a word often used in the context of customer attraction, sales and customer experience: passion will drive excellence and continual improvement, passion will make the customer want to trust you and see what you have to offer, and without passion it is next to impossible to deliver anything at a world class standard. But what does this word ‘passion’ really mean?

I would suggest it means the following:

You remain enthusiastic and committed to what you are doing whether you reach your goals or not.

So what does this mean in practice?

For yourself:

  • You slow down, stay focused and continually aim to improve no matter what setbacks come your way
  • You are always looking for potential solutions to problems whether you are asked to do so by your boss or not
  • You never give up or blame other people: for any barrier or problem you find ways to go over, under or around
  • You stay passionately focused on the needs of the customer, whether they buy from you today or not

For your product or service:

  • You slow down, stop trying to ‘sell’ it, and instead focus it passionately on fulfilling an emotional need in the marketplace that you have identified … and feel passionate about.
  • You continually invite feedback on what it does well and what it needs to do better
  • You continually look at the market and competition to see what else is happening 
  • You go out of your way to get close to your customer in order to find out what their needs are and how your product or service can really help them (or  not … and ‘not’ is ok!)
  • You look for complementary products or services that can also help your customer.

For your sales approach:

  • You slow down, make sure you have a clear mission that focuses your attention on your customer’s needs above your own.
  • You look at everything through the eyes of your customer and their need for attention, trust and an easy and profitable life … slowly, step by step.
  • You gather feedback obsessively and invest time and effort in the feedback to continually improve and grow your customer loyalty reputation and referrals.
  • You work on every aspect through identifying and developing all the tiny areas of improvement that will add up to a world class customer experience, and that make the huge difference to your customer up between great or poor.

As a people manager:

  • You slow down, make sure you have a clear mission that focuses everyone’s attention on a ‘higher purpose’ that just to ‘make profit’.
  • You look at every management process through the eyes of your team and their need for engagement and motivation … slowly, step by step.
  • You gather feedback continually from the team, never make a new process without their input (and focus on the Mission), and focus on them feeling listened to and valued.
  • You put in simple, powerful continual improvement processes under the guidance of ‘Go the extra inch’, for teams and individuals, and hold them rigorously accountable to their commitments.

I hope this short article is helpful and can be shared by to help you discuss this issue of passion and how you grow this most rare and valuable resource consistently and effectively within your organisation.

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