How to run a small business well and get a good night\’s sleep

If you\’re like me, you probably went into business because you were passionate about what you do: maybe your run your own business because you felt that your passion and ability would enable you to successfully get and keep customers and build a profitable business.

But, somehow, when you get going, after the initial excitement and rush, do you perhaps start to feel a bit bogged down?

  • Is it harder to get noticed by customers than you thought?
  • Is it harder to get customers to buy from you without having to offer a discount or a special offer?
  • Is it harder to find good people and to get them motivated and organised so that your customers get a consistent experience whether you\’re there or not?

In a nutshell, is it harder than you thought it would be in general, and do you feel more stressed than you thought you might do when you initially started?

Well, of course, I expect the answer to at least some of these questions is: yes, that\’s exactly right!

And the good news is that this is completely normal, but the bad news is that over 55% of independent businesses fail within 4 years of being founded.

On top of this, leaders and managers of independent businesses suffer the highest levels of stress of any leaders and managers in the business world.

Surely this level of stress and hassle wasn’t what you signed up to when you got going?

But I\’m here to tell you that there are simple answers to this problem and life doesn\’t have to be as stressful as perhaps it might be at the moment.

There are simple, common-sense systems that you can put into place to help you get more from every day and get a better night\’s sleep each night.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, if what we teach at ‘Slow Selling\’ wasn\’t based on the principles of universal, timeless, self-evident, common-sense, then I’d agree with you: be very cautious when someone tells you they can fix your problems: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

There are plenty of people around you who are trying to sell you something and who want to make life as complicated as possible so that you buy their solution.

Do any internet search on standard business issues and you will find millions upon millions of marketing, sales and motivation ‘Solutions’ that you could put in place and that will definitely not be cheap! 

… and when you do put those Solutions in place, it\’s a bit like whack-a-mole: other problems just seem to pop out when you\’re looking in the other direction! 

The good news is that common-sense applies to everything you do in business just in the same way as everything you do in life: the problem is that common-sense solutions aren\’t terribly profitable for all the consultants and service sellers out there who want to try and sell you a portfolio of expensive quick fixes.

So, the short and blunt message from this blog is a simple:  our promise that all your problems can get fixed if you slow down and apply simple, common-sense solutions one by one.

Indeed, this is the whole reason why I started my consultancy business almost 20 years ago now: I had been in a senior position in the business and had a list of problems that needed fixing and was so appalled at the short-term, quick fix, and awfully expensive solutions that were being offered to me. 

So, instead I started to study this whole area of business effectiveness and why some businesses succeed massively over the long-term while others flail about in confusion and the people who run them end up continually chasing their tails.

We have worked for almost 20 years with all sorts of businesses, using the same simple common-sense solutions, and have seen time and time again the mist falling away from the owners’ eyes and the ability and confidence to take solid effective action to solve their problems appear almost overnight.

And what is more, to last over the long term.

Because no matter what the problem, if you have a set of systems, based on timeless principles of common sense, they will apply to every situation you come across …  no matter how complex, urgent or grave.

So, for now, please just make sure that you take the time to sign up to our weekly blog and podcast using the links on our website, share this blog with people you care about – who may be struggling and under pressure, and keep remembering…

… in order to run a small business properly and get a good night\’s sleep, all you need to do is slow down and follow simple common-sense systems …

.. which we provide to you one by one each week in the blog and podcast mentioned above.

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