How to sell more, with integrity



Far too often, in order to sell more, Organisations resort to \’limited time offers\’ or \’special deals\’.

As a customer, we\’ve seen it all before and we know that \’once in a lifetime offers\’ are usually both not quite what they seem, and come round every few weeks … we\’re deeply cynical, and for a good reason.

And even if a customer DOES get attracted by a special offer or bargain, how loyal will she be? How often will she return to buy? How will she spread your reputation behind your back? Is she attracted by a bargain or by your overall offer? It\’s most likely that she\’ll switch to your competitor immediately when they offer anything that is 1c cheaper than you: offers don\’t build loyalty: if someone switches to you because of an offer, they\’ll also switch away from you because of an offer!

So, how can an Organisation sell more, with integrity?

Effective, profitable, long terms sales happen when organisations take the time to understand the real needs and desires of the customer. When, and only when, this has been done, with integrity and skill, can they start offering relevant products or solutions that will fulfil those needs and desires.

If you don’t know how, or won’t do this, you are actually providing your client a disservice, as well as seriously reducing your customer attraction and conversion rate (never mind the loyalty rate!). It\’s like trying to make a gourmet meal with anything that comes to hand from the fridge, and without reading the recipe first!

Your customers’ needs must always come first. Your ability to emotionally understand, fulfil and over deliver on these is the skill that will make you successful in the long term. Not only for them, but for their contacts (and your reputation) also.

You hit your targets by delighting the people for whom you are in business, consistently and remarkably, and by raising the quality of their experience with you… not by continually offering special deals and amazing discounts!

Good experiences drive profits … not targets.

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