How To Stand Out In All The Noise

how to stand out in all the noise

I read recently that engagement on Social Media is down almost 50% year on year.

No surprises there: ever more people are shouting ever louder for a customer’s attention… yet the customer is already snowed under.

So they ignore you.

I expect you’re seeing this in your marketplace (and that this will be true next year and for years to come … in ever more diminishing circles).

Yet those sexy sounding Social Media companies will still happily take your money, with ‘amazing deals’ and ‘massive results’.

Pull the other one!

It seems, in reality, you have three choices:

1. Put more and more effort into your marketing (with less and less return).

2. Start competing on price, hoping this will break through the noise and get people to notice you.

3. Slow down and focus on making your customer FEEL something about you … so they want to come back to you, buy more from you and tell their friends about you.

It’s pretty obvious which one is the sensible decision, but so few organisations will genuinely take it.

They’re too busy trying to ‘sell’ stuff.

So, if you slow down and start focusing on doing it right, you’ll start to stand out in all the noise, and have a massive competitive advantage.

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