I\’m alright as I am

In the long list of reasons you give yourself for not trying something new, this is probably at the top:

\”I\’m alright just as I am. Why change?\”

That inner voice is powerful. Especially when it wants us to stay safe … (which is pretty much always).

But \”safe\” in the 21st century is very different from \”safe\” for our ancestors, who had lions and venomous snakes to fear. Those were real physical fears.

Our biggest fear today? Change.

And if we fear change, how can we ever ‘make’ change? Or even embrace it?

The trouble is that the pace of change around you today is literally breath-taking:

  • Your market can change before you’ve even noticed it
  • Your competition can change over night
  • And your customers will leave you without you noticing

And, if you’re not proactively changing, the chances are that the world will change without you.

The key is to find a way to continually change without it being stressful and scary: and that’s exactly what we teach you in ‘Slow Selling’ with our four key principles:

  1. Beliefs: know what you’re really trying to achieve
  2. Emotions: keep very close to the customers’ real needs
  3. Actions: continual change and development by the inch
  4. Results: feedback and measures to power those inches properly

If you\’ve ever heard your inner voice telling you, \”Things are good just as they are\”…

That’s when you need to start worrying.

Slow Selling is a UK based not for profit organisation for leaders and managers in independent businesses.

Our systems deliver peace of mind and confidence to caring leaders and managers of start-ups and small businesses who have limited time and resources, and want to grow their business … without sacrificing principles or profits.

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