It’s easy to know that it’s a good idea to slow down, but…

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It’s easy to know that it’s a good idea to slow down, but the real question is HOW to do it?

The internet is awash with advice, quick fixes and amazing tools… especially on and for social media, but we all know that they’re always just PART of a fix, never a whole, consistent and continually improving, joined-up fix.

And we haven’t got time to slow down and find it.

At Slow Selling, we’d suggest you adopt the ‘Go the extra inch each week’ approach: if you can:

  1. Be clear on what you’re trying to achieve (honestly: no BS and no shallow thinking).
  2. Consider in everything you do what the customer REALLY wants from you (and it’s always an emotional need, not a physical one).
  3. Have some clear and compelling measures of progress in behaviours (not just measures in results).

Then, and only then, can you start joining up all the dots, and using all the tools effectively: using the ‘Go the extra inch’ tool.

Without a joined-up approach, it’s like shooting a shotgun in the dark. With a clear, powerful and slowly constructed joined-up approach, it’s like having a sniper’s rifle and night vision goggles.

It sounds slow, but it’s super-effective.

These are some of the principles and questions we address in Slow Selling: please click here to join our top tips and updates list.


Guy Arnold

The USP of Slow Selling

So many big brands have become expert at marketing … to persuade us to do and buy things that we afterwards regret, because, over the long term, we’ve realized that we’ve been misled and sold some real horse manure … but that it was so well packaged, it looked irresistible at the time!

So why might you trust us? What’s our USP?

Kindness & Principles.

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Guy Arnold

Why I believe in Slow Selling

By mistake, I learnt the 4 principles of ‘Slow Selling’ and like all principle-centred material, I find that, if I stick to it, it gets great results, and when I deviate, I start to head into trouble.

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Guy Arnold

The biggest cost and missed opportunity in so many businesses

I was recently recording some videos for the soon to be launched ‘Slow Sellers Association’, and we were covering the issue of after-sales and customer loyalty.

It strikes me from my experiences as a customer that this is an area where so many businesses fail miserably.

In fact, I think this is perhaps the biggest hidden cost and missed opportunity out there for most organisations.

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