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Episode 19: How To Survive The Forthcoming Meltdown

Episode Title: How To Survive The Forthcoming Meltdown

A huge recession is definitely on the way: it’s just a question of when: here are two simple but powerful actions you can take now and ongoing not only to survive but to thrive in the forthcoming meltdown.

Episode 18: Slow Down To Sell More

Episode Title: Slow Down To Sell More

I recently was asked by a colleague to write a piece about ‘Slow Selling’ for Digital Agencies. It took some time, I was fairly pleased with what I wrote … and, as this week we’ve been very busy with a new rescue puppy, I thought it’d add value to copy it here so you can read it as well. So here it is.

Episode 17: What Do You Need To Do To Become Truly Customer Focused?

Episode Title: What Do You Need To Do To Become Truly Customer Focused?

They do say that adversity reveals the true character of a person or organisation, rather than hides it.
And this can be seen in so many organisations in times of stress and difficulty: what do they cut and what is sacrosanct? How do they behave to their teams and customers? How do they treat their suppliers?
To put it bluntly: it’s easy to say ‘We need to be customer focused’ … but it’s MUCH harder to do it, and to do it consistently.

Episode 15: We’re All Struggling And It’s OK

Episode Title: We’re All Struggling And It’s OK

As an independent business manager, it’s tough do do it right and we’re all struggling: you’ve multiple responsibilities, time is short and plans are constantly going wrong: here’s a story of how my life literally fell apart, how I rebuilt it, and what this taught me.

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