Professional Feedback Systems

professional feedback systems

Professional feedback systems

In our last blog, we discussed that in this digital era, customers can leave their feedback anywhere, at any time. This transformation has formed what is called The Feedback Economy, an economy driven by feedback: opinions, comments and reviews.

As feedback is such a vital area, and done so badly by the majority of organisations, we offer you a simple guide of principles and ideas to help you ensure your system has as great a chance of success as possible.

Please click below for a free white paper entitled ‘Professional Feedback Systems’

Don’t believe that this will be easy: your people will naturally be afraid of feedback, and your customers will naturally be resistant to giving it to you (as they are so used to the dysfunctional nature of most feedback systems).

Remember, ‘what gets measured gets done’: ensure you have a measure of the amount, quality and responses to your feedback systems.

We do recommend considering getting professional help here: please contact us for guidance and advice on what would be most helpful for you: we have associates who we can put you in touch with, or we can guide you on how to find a suitable source of help on your own.

Whatever you do: be sure to follow the guidance below. Do not skimp and go for a cheap ‘off the shelf’ option.

If you’d like some help in putting these ideas into practice, please join our mailing list or buy the book or contact us for bespoke advice.

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