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The Slow Seller's Oath

Grab your copy of the ‘Slow Seller’s Oath’ and know why is it so crucial to have an Oath to help you maintain long and short-term success in sales.

The 4 Dimensions of Selling

There are 4 Dimensions to every sales interaction and process: download our 3 page guide here to make sure you get it right!

The Seller's Prayer for Strength in Adversity

We all need a bit of help in selling: here’s a small prayer or mantra to help you be more effective and stick to the principles of effective and slow selling.

The 5 outcomes to a sales process

There are only 5 outcomes to a sales process: and you want to make sure you only ever get 2 of them.

The speed of trust summary

Trust is the oil that lubricates all transactions: here's a summary of the leading book in this area 'The Speed of Trust'.

What is Slow Selling?

Here are a few questions and answers about ‘Slow Selling’ and the ‘Slow Sellers Association’.

Action sheet for inch by inch improvement

Action sheet for inch by inch improvement.

Sample completed Win/Win agreement

Sample completed Win/Win agreement

The Slow Selling System Diagram

The Slow Selling System Diagram

Win/Win agreement guidance

Win/Win agreement guidance.

How to quickly build trust in a conversation

How to quickly build trust in a conversation.

The Customers' Real Needs

Discover what your customers' real needs are.

Assertive Communication: Key Points

The Intent of Assertive Communication is to build relationships so that you can then solve difficult, awkward or long-standing issues, and find solutions you’re BOTH happy with.

The 4 Principles of all Behaviour

The 4 Principles Of All Behaviour

10 tips to quickly assess someone's personailty in an interview

10 tips to quickly assess someone's personailty in an interview


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