Slow Selling Services

When you’re introduced to ideas like Slow Selling, it can sometimes seem like a mountain to climb.

And often knowing where to get started can be the hardest thing.

Here are 3 separate tools to help you make this first step.

Of course, we’d suggest you do all of them, but time and budgets rarely allow you to do everything you want, so please feel free to pick and choose to suit your current needs.

After all, it doesn’t matter where you start, so long as you take that first step!



Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with any new material: we suggest a great place to start is the

Slow Selling Readiness Checker:

a helpful and quick set of questions to guage your levels of customer loyalty,
reputation and referrals, and give you some ideas to take action on what you



If you already love the ideas and principles of ‘Slow Selling’ a great way to start getting them into your business is to book a:

Half Day Training in key
‘Slow Selling’ tools

customer focused mission

‘Customer Focused Mission’ discovery session

We know that explaining and discovering a ‘Mission’ can be daunting for many reasons. In this process you’ll spend half a day being trained on the thinking behind a ‘Customer Focused Mission’, the importance of having one and discovering ideas of what it could be for your business. By the end of the session you’ll have a clear idea of what your Mission could look like and be well on your way to finalising it.
weekly compass plan

‘Weekly Compass Plan’ starter session

The weekly compass plan is a vital tool that keeps you and your people on track and continually moving forward in all your roles. This session teaches you the thinking and key skills behind this important process and helps you get started effectively
effective communication

‘Win/win communication and negotiation’ training

Effective communication is much harder to do than it seems: in fact over 80% of everyday problems come from ineffective communication and inadequate planning. This short, high impact session will help you to address these problems, implement new and better ways of communicating and improve your planning and negotiating in all important situations.
Services 1

‘Go the extra inch’ starter session

The ‘go the extra inch’ process can be the most powerful system in your business, but it can also be hard to get off the ground. This half day training, advice and practice session will help break the log-jam and get this process started effectively for you.

PRICE: £470

Book 2 or more for a 10% discount


Full Day Slow Selling Onsite Audit of key aspects of your business

If you’re looking for some more in-depth help, to get to see the wood from the trees, we’d recommend booking this.

PRICE: £670 each

Book 2 or more for a 10% discount

There are three options

  • Slow Selling People Audit

    we listen to your people’s opinion in 6 key areas of your business and produce an action plan to help you improve results across your business.

  • Slow Selling Customer Opinion Audit

    we spend a day listening to your customers by phone and assessing their opinion of your services, so we can advise you on steps to take to improve reputation, attraction and loyalty.

  • Slow Selling Customer Journey Audit

    we assess and audit your customer-facing processes, to help you improve your systems for customer attraction, conversion and loyalty.

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