Slow Down To Sell More

slow down to sell more

In today’s frantic marketplace it’s easy to miss the true winners. 

So many organisations spend so much money advertising, hyping and interrupting across a multitude of media channels, that we can begin to mistakenly believe that these organisations are hyper successful, and that we need to behave in a similar way in order to compete.

But, when you do some proper research, nothing can be further from the truth.

The companies that rely on promotions and advertising to sell their goods or services are the ones that are the most vulnerable, and the most likely to fail in the long-term.  They have built a business model on marketing, hype and interrupting.  And the minute they stop doing this will be the minute that their customers desert them in favour of someone else who happens to be shouting louder / selling cheaper at the moment.

A good example of this philosophy and practice can be seen in the branded fast food market.  Take away the marketing, and many of these brands will die almost overnight.

Anyone remember Wimpy?

So, what’s the alternative?

We suggest that in the world of two-way mass communication, driven by the Internet and social media, the power of customer reputation and referral is the strongest sales and marketing force of all time.

This way of doing business is called ‘Slow Selling’

‘Slow Selling’ is all about systems to focus on loyalty and reputation consistently and obsessively, above everything else …

No, it won’t make you a fortune overnight, but it will drive long-term high growth in sales, repeat business, reputation, referrals, and continual low risk innovation around your core product and market area.

And this WILL make you a fortune over the long term…

Some examples:

  • Google achieved market domination through customer experience, not clever marketing
  • Amazon drive continual customer loyalty and sales growth through customer experience, not promotions
  • Apple drive amazing levels of customer loyalty and cross selling through customer experience, not special offers

Of course, this is all blindingly obvious common sense, but whenever has common sense been common practice? 

We know this is true, yet we are consistently misled into falling for the hype, promotions and offers, both as operators and customers!

Your challenge, if you want to be truly successful and profitable in the long-term is to slow down, stop trying to drive sales growth through advertising, fast offers and special deals, and, instead, focus on “slow selling”.

Slow down and build it inch by inch every week, using the ‘Slow Selling’ processes.

Because, in the long run, your customer always has a choice, and it’s getting wider and deeper every day.

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Here\’s a video of Guy Arnold talking about this point in a 6 minute Video:

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