smal steps to get ahead when faced with an unexpected slowdown

Small Steps To Get Ahead When Faced With An Unexpected Slowdown

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We’ve all now heard of Coronavirus: in fact, it seems that noone’s speaking of anything else at the moment.

I’m sure by now that you will have taken all necessary emergency steps to minimise expenses and batten down the hatches, but what else can you do? How can you not only survive, but come out of this is relatively good shape?

Firstly, may I point out that I am in no way dismissing the massive impact this may be having to you, in many different ways, but, the REAL truth is that in a few months, this will all be just a memory, and you’ll be back to the rush and bustle of ‘business as normal’.

So what can you do over the next few weeks to get some value out of this involuntary slowdown … to add value, sharpen your skills, and be in the best possible shape to come out of this quickly and profitably … whether you’re a business owner or a new employee (and anything in between)?

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing one small idea every week on small steps you can take, that don’t cost much and won’t put you out significantly, that, done properly, will result in a significant benefit to you, your business and your job.

Now you’ve got a little bit of extra time, we’ll help you with small, simple ideas to put you in a good place to get off to a flying restart when things start returning to normal.

One per week.

If you’d like to get started on something immediately, here are some links:

Slow Selling is a worldwide not for profit movement for change in selling.

Our systems deliver peace of mind and confidence to caring managers who want to do the right thing and grow their business, without sacrificing principles or profit.

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Guy Arnold

The USP of Slow Selling

So many big brands have become expert at marketing … to persuade us to do and buy things that we afterwards regret, because, over the long term, we’ve realized that we’ve been misled and sold some real horse manure … but that it was so well packaged, it looked irresistible at the time!

So why might you trust us? What’s our USP?

Kindness & Principles.

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Guy Arnold

Why I believe in Slow Selling

By mistake, I learnt the 4 principles of ‘Slow Selling’ and like all principle-centred material, I find that, if I stick to it, it gets great results, and when I deviate, I start to head into trouble.

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Guy Arnold

The biggest cost and missed opportunity in so many businesses

I was recently recording some videos for the soon to be launched ‘Slow Sellers Association’, and we were covering the issue of after-sales and customer loyalty.

It strikes me from my experiences as a customer that this is an area where so many businesses fail miserably.

In fact, I think this is perhaps the biggest hidden cost and missed opportunity out there for most organisations.

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