Step 1: Reach Out To Your Customers

step 1 reach out to your customers

As promised, over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing one small idea every week on small steps you can take, that don’t cost much and will result in a significant benefit to you, your business and your job.

Step 1 is: ‘Reach out to your customers’

Reach out and gather feedback from your customers and offer some form of help.

This feedback will help you understand what you do well (so you can put systems in place to ensure you do more of it when things get back to normal) and what you could do better (so you can find ways to stop doing this, and do something else a bit more remarkable instead).

You can also use it to design and offer extra free resources and ideas that will help your customers get what THEY want, whether they buy from you today or not.

Remember: we’re all in roughly the same boat with a pandemic, so anything you can offer to customers, neighbours and your community is not only going to make life much better for all, it will also be remembered long into the future.

And, going forward, slowing down to put positive, well designed and thoughtful feedback (and response) processes into practice effectively will make your business and career more robust, referable and attractive (as well as giving you an unfair advantage over your competition … who won’t be doing this well, if at all).

This slowdown is a GREAT opportunity not only to create greatness and goodness in the short term, but also to put robust systems in place to create remarkability as standard into your business for the long term. And all this starts with feedback … listening and responding.

Here’s a link to Guy Arnold, founder of Slow Selling, talking a bit more about reaching out to customers and using feedback to make your position more robust now and long into the future . 

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