Step 2: Distilling a ‘Mission’

step 2 distilling a mission

As promised, over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing one small idea every week on small steps you can take, that don’t cost much and will result in a significant benefit to you, your business and your job.

Step 2 is: Start distilling a short simple ‘Customer Focused Mission’ from your feedback.

Maybe this sounds a bit naff, especially when you’re stressed or busy, but having a  short, empowering, effective ‘Customer Focused Mission’ is one of the most powerful and helpful things you can do: because, if it’s right it then directs, empowers and guides everyone and everything going forward (and makes life a lot easier, and your business a lot more attractive to great people and eager customers).

  • Remember: this is NOT a marketing slogan! It will come from the words that your customers will be saying about you: they’ll tell you the sort of things they want from you and the sort of emotions they have when you get it right (and when you get it wrong). So keep gathering feedback and listening to your customers and, slowly and surely, you’ll start to discover and distil the key emotional needs your customers have, and the words they use when describing their issues.

It should be based on what you’d want any great customer to say about you behind your back to their best friend when recommending you. It should be short, easy to remember, empowering and measurable.

So this isn’t a quick fix: it’ll take time to get really right!

When this is done, this can become like a compass for every strategy, process and behaviour in your business or team, so that it guides and directs everything, and keeps you on track to being and doing what your customers really want, and being and doing it remarkably.

Perhaps it might be something short and simple like

  • ‘Caring Experts’ (which, when applied to your processes, ensures everything needs to show care and be considered and prepared in an expert and professional way).
  • Or perhaps ‘Our aim is to earn a customer’s lifetime loyalty’ (which would push you to listening to customers and making serious investments in time and effort to putting into practice exactly what they say they’d want from you in an ideal world).
  • Or something blunter like: ‘Our aim is to do ABC as well as humanly possible, and to always keep doing it better: if we do this, the profits will follow … not the other way round’ (which speaks for itself).

When you’ve distilled and agreed your ‘Customer Focused Mission’, that’s just the start: your challenge then is to make it live in every strategy, process and behaviour in the business.

We’ll present ideas to help you do this, simply and effectively, in our next blogs, but one thing you can do straight away is to change everyone’s contract of employment: away from ‘Your job is to do XYZ’ and into ‘Your job is to ( mission ). Your main roles to achieve this are XYZ’.

Then everyone’s clear and everyone has the same goal.

Here’s a short video from Guy Arnold, founder of Slow Selling, talking a bit more about ‘Customer Focused Missions’, how to discover and distil them, and then how to use them effectively to ensure everyone delivers ‘remarkable’ as standard.

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