Step 5: Put some Powerful \’Lead Measures\’ In Place

step 5 put some powerful lead measures in place

As promised, over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing one small idea every week on small steps you can take, that don’t cost much and will result in a significant benefit to you, your business and your job.

Step 5 is: Put some powerful ‘lead measures’ in place

OK, every business has key measures, and I bet yours is no exception.

But what are your measures measuring?

  • Is it actions or results?
  • Is it inputs or outputs?

If you’re like most businesses, the vast majority of your measures will be measuring outputs or results. Now of course these measures are very important: we all need to measure and keep track of results, but the problem is: how are we measuring, keeping track on, and holding people accountable to the ACTIONS that produce those results?

It’s like trying to predict what will happen tomorrow from yesterday’s news, or forecast the weather from yesterday’s weather report. Fairly difficult!

Yet, like most other businesses, you’ve probably never heard of the term ‘lead measures.

‘Lead measures’ are measures of input or actions that determine the outputs: to be fair you probably DO already have a few in place (for example customer opinion or numbers of referrals). But how obsessive are you about them, and how closely are you using them to keep track every day and hold people accountable to their actions?

We suggest that if you focus continually and obsessively on ‘lead measures’ and hold people rigorously accountable to them, then the outputs and results will follow … not the other way around.

So, in order to start putting a simple, powerful ‘lead measures’ into your business or team, here’s a few pointers.

Look at the previously mentioned ‘customers REAL needs’ and the key steps (often called ‘Moments of truth’) in your customer journey, and start finding a few simple measures of actions that you want to ensure are always delivered, in order to ensure you always comply with your customers’ REAL needs.

You can do this by using your ‘Go the extra inch’ process we have previously mentioned.


  • Measure these and put a clear, compelling scoreboard in place to ensure all are focused on them.
  • If you blow the customers’ socks off on these actions, then the results will follow … not the other way round.

Here’s a link to a simple tool called a ‘Lead Measure Builder’ that you can use to help you with this process, with our compliments (it’s a tool from inside the ‘Slow Sellers Association’ that we’re making free for you to use in these hard times).

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