Step 8: Build In Slowdown Time To Review, Reflect And Revive

Step 8 Build In Slowdown Time To Review, Reflect And Revive

This is the last small idea on small steps you can take, that don’t cost much and will result in a significant benefit to you, your business and your job.

Step 8 is: ‘Build in slowdown time to review, reflect and revive’

Whilst this epidemic has been disastrous and destructive for many people in many ways, it has also brought out the best in people and given people time to think and reflect.

It may even have a long-term impact on the way we think and act. Fingers crossed!

But, whatever it does globally, you can use its experience individually to learn your own lesson on slowing down to review, reflect and revive.

It seems to me that most of us don’t do nearly enough of this on a daily basis, because we’re too busy rushing on towards the ‘next thing’. Yet all research shows us (and our own common-sense backs it up) that taking time to slow down to review, reflect and revive is a vital process and skill that has massive long- and short-term benefits.

So, now we’ve been forced to do this unwillingly, how about taking a bold step to build this in as a continual process going forward?

How about committing to build in ‘slowdown’ time to review, reflect and revive our everyday life and perhaps even these 8 steps!

  • For yourself
  • For your people
  • For your business

So you can get all of them continually sharper, instead of getting tied up in the normal rush and hullabaloo of everyday business.

If you sharpen the saw, it cuts many times faster … but you need to slow down in order to get time to sharpen the saw!


OK: this is easy to say, but hard to do: what, practically can you do to ‘slow down’ every day?

Firstly, I suggest you take this slowly in itself: if you attempt a large change overnight, you’ll almost undoubtedly fail: use the Go the extra inch principle.

Here are 3 things to start working on inch by inch:

  1. Weekly planning (by far the most valuable and profitable ‘slowdown’ exercise and routine I know): here’s a link to a short video on what to do and how to do it.
  2. When you’ve mastered your weekly planning, I’d suggest you try a more effective way of ‘daily planning’ (rather than just a ‘to do’ list): here’s a link to a short video on this:
  3. When you’ve mastered these 2, you now have the tools to start adding in other ones as you wish, step by step, inch by inch, week by week. Here’s a link to a short paper with a few ideas on some ‘slowdown processes’ that have worked for me or others. 

I hope these add some value to you: my very best wishes to you.

Back to our normal weekly ‘top tips’ next week.

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