What Do Customers Really Want?


What do customers really want?

Is this perhaps the ‘ultimate question’ for every sales person, manager and leader to know the answer to?

Because, if we know the answer, and if we have the guts to listen to the answer and put the processes in place to do this consistently, then we’ll definitely be on the path to selling a lot more and making more and more profits.

Steve Jobs famously described the iPhone by saying: ‘It just works’.

In these three simple words, he summed up exactly what his customers wanted.

They didn’t want hassle, they didn’t want to have to program things manually, they just wanted something that looked cool and did exactly what they wanted it to do.

And they were prepared to pay a significant premium to get this.

Here’s a short clip of him explaining his point of view.

The key for your business in perhaps to distil ‘what the customer really wants’ into REALLY SIMPLE phrases that use the words customers would use about you behind your back if you got it right.

For example:

  • Insurance customers probably want to trust their insurer for both ability and integrity (and which one do we nearly always see them falling down on?)
  • Pub/ restaurant customers want to feel valued and looked after (and how often do we see this happening brilliantly and consistently as customers?)
  • B2B customers probably want to have their life made much easier, and to work in a kind of mutually beneficial and trusting partnership (and how easy is it to achieve this?)

In ‘Slow Selling’, we distil ‘what the customer really wants’ into 3 simple, powerful emotions:

We use the acronym ‘TEA’ to help our customers remember this, and we work with them to find out in what proportion this applies to them (every business’s customers have these 3 needs, but they are always in different proportions).

So, in order to answer the question for your business: ‘What do customers really want?’, we suggest you remember the 3 simple principles:

  • Trust
  • Easier or better life and
  • Attention

And then start listening, through professional and simple feedback systems, to work out in what proportion it is for your customers. These are some of the principles and questions we address in Slow Selling: please click here to join our top tips and updates list or, if you have a question regarding your situation and would like a simple answer, drop us a line at [email protected]



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