What Independent Businesses Really Need In Order To Thrive

What independent businesses REALLY need in order to thrive

Over the weekend we were chatting with friends, and our friend, Andy, asked me: ‘What does Slow Selling’ do for businesses that they can’t get elsewhere?’

A very good question: and one I sometimes struggle to answer: after all, when you’re truly passionate about something, it’s hard to see it objectively. But, after no thought at all, I came out with something like this:

‘It seems to me that the biggest issue that leaders and managers in independent businesses have is time: they have too much to do and lots of competition all around them trying to squeeze them out. They don’t have the luxury of backup systems and support that larger groups have. So they’re out there, struggling to keep up, not knowing which way to turn and with totally inadequate business support around them.’

What do I mean by that?

Well, the time thing is obvious: but what about ‘inadequate business support’?

The whole reason I started doing what I do is because I looked at the ‘business support’ being offered by public and private organisations, and it seemed to me to be: partial, inadequate, not joined up and basic.

Hardly what you need when you’re trying to compete in a fierce marketplace with larger competitors trying to grab your customers every day!

In my latest podcast, I explain more about the background and issues I’ve briefly mentioned here, but, in a nutshell, to answer the above question properly, I would say:

  • What independent businesses REALLY need in order to thrive (or survive) in this hyper competitive market place is 4 things … and NONE of these are covered by ‘normal’ business support training and information (and, no, I don’t know why that is!!!)

Here are the 4 things:

  1. Engaged, committed people with a clear set of goals
  2. Systems that engage customers emotionally at every step, so they become fiercely loyal and rave about you to their friends
  3. Continual improvement and development systems (so you don’t stand still)
  4. Effective measures of inputs (and outputs) to guide you and help you continually work on the above 3 steps

And, of course: that’s exactly what the ‘Slow Selling’ system does!

And I would suggest furthermore that:

  • You may be currently super-busy because of Covid 19: but this can change in an instant (just as it started in an instant): how fit are you for the post Covid world?
  • Or You may currently be struggling: so now’s a GREAT time to review your systems and start changing them to the ‘Slow Selling’ ones step by step.

Either way, you’ll find more information in the podcast, or please contact us if you’d like a chat.

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