What is ‘Slow Selling’?

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This is the 1st question I am usually asked, when I answer the question: ‘What are you working on at the moment?’.

If you search for ‘slow selling’ on Google, you get some very dismal information about products that won’t shift off shelves or forecourts … some real donkeys!

But, it’s time to shift attitudes on selling.

In the same way that the slow food movement has enhanced the food experience for consumers and catalysed the craft, local, tasty, nourishing food movement across the world, I am aiming to start the ‘slow selling movement’ with this website and a new book, and a new, not for profit, association the ‘Slow Sellers Association’.

So, in a nutshell, slow selling, like slow food, is not new: it is a public recognition and promotion of old fashioned principles of customer trust and loyalty, driven by helpfulness, honesty, quality and value and engagement. These are the values embraced by the long term winners in the world: the long term valuable brands, the true professionals who struggle to keep up with referrals, the retailers who customers love and the service providers with low levels of attrition and high levels of reputation.

Slow selling is about getting it right: right values, right products, right service, right quality and right price, so that customers love you, come back to you, spend more and more, spread your reputation, and unhesitatingly refer you to their friends.

Slow selling can be practised by any individual or any organisation at any time.

And, over the long term, it turns you and your customer into happy and profitable winners.

Ironically of course, slow sellers are usually the individuals and organisations that don’t aim to and don’t need to self promote or trade through discounts and offers: so many people won’t have heard of them: but they’re there in every town of every country in the world: getting it right and making life much more rewarding for all!

Please get involved and join us … together we can change the world!


Guy Arnold

The USP of Slow Selling

So many big brands have become expert at marketing … to persuade us to do and buy things that we afterwards regret, because, over the long term, we’ve realized that we’ve been misled and sold some real horse manure … but that it was so well packaged, it looked irresistible at the time!

So why might you trust us? What’s our USP?

Kindness & Principles.

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Guy Arnold

Why I believe in Slow Selling

By mistake, I learnt the 4 principles of ‘Slow Selling’ and like all principle-centred material, I find that, if I stick to it, it gets great results, and when I deviate, I start to head into trouble.

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Guy Arnold

The biggest cost and missed opportunity in so many businesses

I was recently recording some videos for the soon to be launched ‘Slow Sellers Association’, and we were covering the issue of after-sales and customer loyalty.

It strikes me from my experiences as a customer that this is an area where so many businesses fail miserably.

In fact, I think this is perhaps the biggest hidden cost and missed opportunity out there for most organisations.

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