How to grow a small business calmly and profitably

...without all the hype, hassle and nonsense.

What is
Slow Selling?

‘Slow Selling’ is a not for profit movement to help small businesses set up systems for long term success, and grow sales and profits through reputation, loyalty and referral…. (Without the hype, hassle and nonsense).
Business Problems

Where to Turn?

If you’re a small business owner, it’s often impossible to see the wood from the trees:

The problem is that everyone else out there is telling you how ‘wonderful’ and ‘successful’ they are, and marketing people are everywhere, persuading you to spend your money on the ‘next big thing’ every few weeks.

But whose advice can you really trust? And where can you spend your hard-earned money with peace of mind and confidence that you’re doing the right thing?

That’s where ‘Slow Selling’ comes in.

Slow Selling is simply a better way of doing business:

We’re a not for profit movement that supports small business owners by helping you get the kind of advice and resources normally only available to big businesses.

Our advice is to slow down : don’t rush.

Focus on principles of common sense and apply them consistently.

And don’t blindly trust what we’re saying

Start by finding out a bit more about Slow Selling with no hassle and no risk, then, if you like it, you can book other services as and when they suit your needs.

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Quality Support and Resources

3 steps to success (take them as slowly as you need)


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Starter 4 10

Apply the ideas and principles of 'Slow Selling' to your situation in 10 minutes a day for 7 weeks.

Just £7


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Book a 2 hour 1:1 consultation with a 'Slow Selling' adviser



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Business Audit

Enquire about a full day 'Slow Selling' Audit of your business

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Access free 'Slow Selling' materials on our resources page.

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Go The Extra Inch Videos

View the 'Slow Selling' 'Go the Extra inch' YouTube channel.

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Slow Selling Supporters Club

​Do you just like the ideas of 'Slow Selling' and want to put a 'Slow Selling' badge on your business?
Join the 'Slow Selling Supporters Club'



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In-depth Support

​​If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Enquire about more in-depth support for your business: all at not-for-profit rates and all 100% guaranteed.

  • Audits and advice on systems, behaviour and customers.
  • Personalised help and processes for your business.
  • 1:1 coaching, focusing on personal effectiveness.
  • Half day high impact training on the key 'Slow Selling' principles'

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Book Guy Arnold For Your Next Event

​Guy is the founder of 'Slow Selling' and a customer loyalty and reputation expert. He is also an accomplished public speaker.

Guy has (very limited) availability for speaking at events or running training courses in person in your business.

Please contact us to enquire about booking him for your next event.

What Others Say


David Covey

Slow Selling is a breath of fresh air … it will revolutionize how selling should be done in the 21st century.


Hyrum Smith

This more stringent world calls for much simpler and more customer focused sales tools and processes, and ‘Slow Selling’ delivers exactly that.


Julian Richer

The businesses that get it right understand a few basic principles. These are the principles promoted by ‘Slow Selling’.


Jay Wright

At Virgin wines we believe you build business from the inside out. It is exactly this approach that is advocated and explained in the 'Slow Selling' process.

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FREE Resources

Here are two more completely free resources to help you understand 'Slow Selling better: please download and use them with our compliments.'


7 key but boring things a Business Owner must do to survive and thrive in business ... made easy and interesting!
(33 page ebook, crammed with helpful, practical ideas).


Slow Selling for Small Business Owners in 7 simple steps.
(1hr 30 mins upbeat Audiobook).

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