What is Success?

what is success

Ok: a bit of a crass question? But one that\’s worth considering … and perhaps coming to a conclusion on?

Otherwise: if we don\’t know what \’success\’ looks like for us in our life / role / situation …. how can we take any steps to achieve it? How can we start? How can we prioritise? How can we, in fact, do anything effectively?

The answers is: we can\’t: if WE don\’t know what \’success\’ looks like for US, then we are doomed to act in congruence with what others may persuade us to believe is \’success\’.

And where does that get us?

So: if we need to know what \’success\’ looks like … what does it look like? Are there any rules?

Here are a few suggestions from the thinking behind \’Slow Selling\’.

Success is a journey: in other words, it\’s about all the small actions we do every day: it\’s achieved step by step, inch by inch.
Success is about having perspective about what you want to achieve, before you do it: so that, when you look back, you feel proud of your actions and at peace with what\’s important to you.
Success is therefore made up from having a clear set of principles, the integrity to want to stick to them (through thick and thin), and the discipline and self-mastery to actually do that when it\’s tough (as it always is when you have principles).

How about this as a starter guide to get you going?

\’100 years from now it will not matter one jot what kind of car I drove, what clothes I wore or what sort of house I lived in. But it may well matter hugely what actions I took when dealing with people all around me, what principles I stuck to, what my reputation was and what legacy I left behind.\’
\’So it makes sense to focus the vast majority of my effort on actions that align with principles, that produce my reputation and will eventually deliver my legacy.\’
And, ironically, if you do this, you\’ll almost certainly have more \’success\’ in the hard cash and influence that seems to be the all-consuming passion of our age!

In my next article, I\’ll outline some of the principles that support the ethos of \’Slow Selling\’.

What do YOU think is the definition of \’success\’?

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