Almost halfway through the year…

It’s incredible how time flies…

It seems to me that it was Christmas almost yesterday, yet, here we are, with the light evenings and the summer almost upon us.

So many people have grand plans at Christmas and the New Year – \”this year I’m going to make a real change and achieve all these things.\”

Yet, so often, it rarely happens.

The same old problems get in the way, there’s never enough time and life’s more like hacking through a jungle than making rapid progress!

That’s why, in Slow Selling, we advocate the ‘Go the extra inch’ approach.

Take small steps in regular intervals and the big steps will take care of themselves.

So perhaps this is a good time for a simple article to outline a few key inches in the Slow Selling process, so you can pick one up that you’re not doing … and perhaps start doing it.

  1. The Customer Focused Mission: 
  • Small step: keep listening to customer feedback, particularly when you get it very right (or very wrong) – what are the passionate, creative words they use? What words could be part of your ‘Mission’?
  1. The Customers’ REAL Needs
  1. Go the extra inch: look again at the tools in last month’s blog (’How to actually get things done’): here are the links again:
  1. Measure: this is a hard one: as it takes a leap of faith and continual effort.
  • If you haven’t got this off the ground yet: commit to setting up a system where you gather proper, professional, in depth feedback from one person per week.
  • If you have got this going: then review it and aim to make one small improvement this month.
  • Here’s a link to my free ebook: ‘How to build a feedback system that actually works’ if you need some help: 

So there you are: the key to PROPER long-term sustainable progress is continually ‘Going the extra inch’: and in today’s hyper-stressful and competitive market, every inch matters.

As Confucius said: ‘It doesn’t matter how slow you go, just so long as you don’t stop!’

Any questions: please shout.

Slow Selling is a UK based not for profit organisation for small business owners.

The aim is to help you grow your business through customer loyalty, reputation and referrals … without all the hype, hassle and nonsense.

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