Help Needed to Publish the book and set up the network

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Opportunities to participate in the ‘Slow Selling’ Project


We are convinced from the feedback we’re getting that the idea of ‘Slow Selling’ and the tools behind it are hitting a sweet spot … and one that sorely needs hitting.

As this project starts to gather a bit of momentum, we need positive and enthusiastic people to join in and be part of it.

Please note:

  • There is no upfront commitment of money needed (and investment as you go will be small and slow!)
  • Nor is there mountains of work to do – this is a project that will grow slowly!

What we need are positive, capable and enthusiastic people to fit the following roles

  1. Co Author of the book: ‘Slow Selling’: you’ll have lots of input into the final cut, and be credited as ‘Co-Author’: in order to be considered for this, you’ll need to inspire and prove a great track record. Your benefits will include
    1. Significantly increased professional standing
    2. First refusal of all major leads generated by the book and movement
    3. You will be the main coordinator with the Regional & International Directors
    4. Share in the income of all work generated centrally
  2. Regional and International Directors: you’ll be the main contact in your allocated and exclusive geographical area for all interest and leads generated. Your benefits will include:
    1. Increased professional standing as the Director of the material in your area
    2. Part of an exclusive team developing new material
    3. Exclusive geographical territory and first refusal of all regional leads generated by the book and movement
    4. The ability to license others, as internal delivery agents, or as professional service providers

These roles need not be exclusive: exceptionally capable and enthusiastic people could fill more than one role.

How to apply:

  1. Co Author: please email [email protected] stating your case
  2. Regional or International Director: please register initial interest with name, contact details and brief experience to [email protected] : these posts will be filled after we have appointed a co-Author


Guy Arnold

The USP of Slow Selling

So many big brands have become expert at marketing … to persuade us to do and buy things that we afterwards regret, because, over the long term, we’ve realized that we’ve been misled and sold some real horse manure … but that it was so well packaged, it looked irresistible at the time!

So why might you trust us? What’s our USP?

Kindness & Principles.

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Guy Arnold

Why I believe in Slow Selling

By mistake, I learnt the 4 principles of ‘Slow Selling’ and like all principle-centred material, I find that, if I stick to it, it gets great results, and when I deviate, I start to head into trouble.

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Guy Arnold

The biggest cost and missed opportunity in so many businesses

I was recently recording some videos for the soon to be launched ‘Slow Sellers Association’, and we were covering the issue of after-sales and customer loyalty.

It strikes me from my experiences as a customer that this is an area where so many businesses fail miserably.

In fact, I think this is perhaps the biggest hidden cost and missed opportunity out there for most organisations.

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