The 4 Main Frustrations

When I was running my own pub and hotel business many years ago, I worked literally 7 days a week from 7am to midnight (with a short break at about 3pm).

It was tough, it was exhausting, it was demoralising … and it wasn’t worth it.

Eventually, despite having taken a failing business which we bought off the bank that were repossessing it, and increasing turnover by over 600%, and despite making thousands of pounds profit every month, we had to sell due to stress and burnout.

And this is a pattern I see all too often when I coach and train business leaders today.

There’s always too much to do and never enough time to do it.

So, it was no surprise when we got back the results of our summer business survey of independent businesses, to find out that this was their number one issue!

In fact, studies show that almost ¾ of UK business leaders state that they have had some sort of stress related health problem over the past year. This is doing no one any good.

Going back to the survey: we undertook it in order to ensure we were designing our approach and systems in Slow Selling to be as genuinely helpful as possible, to address the real issues you’re experiencing.

We strongly recommend you take 30 minutes out to view the recording of the findings, and listen to the 3 simple solutions we suggest, or listen to the podcast.

To cut a long story short, we suggest that the key answer to this HUGE problem, (and to the other 3 main frustrations identified in the feedback), lie in 3 simple activities.

  1. Identifying and committing to a set of common-sense principles that you stick to through thick and thin (we recommend the principles of ‘Slow Selling’)
  2. Putting place systems of small steps to keep improving and growing (see last week’s blog on the ‘weekly plan’)
  3. Having simple measures of progress and activity (That in turn will influence the ‘output’ measures of success).

And all this can be done in 10 minutes a day!

  • 10 minutes a week doing the ‘weekly plan’
  • 10 minutes a day learning, listening, examining and considering what needs to go into the weekly plan next week

Please click here to see the full 30-minute presentation on this subject, which outlines all the 4 main frustrations, and goes into the 3 simple solutions in a lot more detail.

For now, just remember, time and stress problems are NORMAL … it’s what you do about them that will determine your success … and if you commit to 10 minutes a day, you’ll quickly and easily be started on the road to transformation and success!

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Slow Selling is a UK based not for profit organisation for leaders and managers in independent businesses.

Our systems deliver peace of mind and confidence to caring leaders and managers who have limited time and resources, and want to grow their business … all without sacrificing principles or profits.

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