How to overcome adversity

As we know, our beliefs dictate our actions, through our emotions.

One of the key problems with ‘speedy selling’ is that ‘It’s tough out there’ and ‘You have to fight to win’.

This kind of adversity belief will produce panic, and you’ll end up back into the old, ineffective ‘speedy selling’ actions of the past.

So, in order to ease yourself out of the old scarcity belief, it’s a good idea to learn simple step by step actions to take, to make the journey slowly.

Here are some pointers:

  1. Know your offer REALLY well: who’s it GENUINELY most suitable for, and who’s it not (the 2nd half of this being vitally important!)
  2. Practise the mantra: ‘I won’t sell to everyone, I’m proud of my product: all I need to do it to find the people who it’s most suitable for and focus on helping them’ (and if you can’t genuinely say this with integrity, you perhaps need to consider changing what you sell).
  3. Practise the ‘Slow Selling’ processes.
  4. When you get a sale, slow down and find out … step by step …:
    • What made this person choose my product over others?
    • What were the key attributes of the process that clinched it for them?
    • And how can this information help me continually learn and grow in my profession?
  5. When you get a ‘no sale yet’, slow down and find out … step by step ..:
    • What were they key issues that stopped this person buying?
    • What can I do to change or develop my product or approach, to make both better, in light of this information?

By adopting this simple, common sense, slow approach, over time you will build a simple system that means you can’t fail.

If you get the sale today, you can use it to learn and grow, and if you don’t, you can use it to improve.

Either way, by slowing down you win big time, and whatever result you get, you eliminate the ‘adversity belief’ and stop yourself defaulting to the old panicking behaviours of the past which are so strongly built into our biology.

One last note: this approach can be adopted by an individual, a team, or an entire organisation: it’s a slower (and much more effective) approach: the only thing that will get in the way of doing it is the belief of time: ‘we haven’t got time to do this’.

My suggestion is: ‘You haven’t got time not to in today’s hyper competitive world’.


Slow Selling is a UK based not for profit organisation for small business owners.

The aim is to help you grow your business through customer loyalty, reputation and referrals … without all the hype, hassle and nonsense.

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