How To Always Win At Sales

how to always win at sales

Everyone wants to win.

If you’re a business owner, you want your business to grow, your people to be engaged and your profits to flourish.

If you’re a manager, you want to overachieve your targets and continually persuade people to do what you want.

In order to get these results, you have to ‘sell’.

And when we’re selling, we always want to win: it’s in our DNA: as hunter-gatherers, we wanted every hunt to end in success, food and the joy of the tribe.

But hold on … that’s mad!

Every hunt would NEVER always result in a kill.

And in the same way, every sales / influencing / negotiating situation will NEVER result in you getting 100% success. It’s barmy to consider that it ever could, and is a huge (and unnecessary) stress producer, when we subconsciously aim for this unachievable goal.

Surely the ONLY thing we CAN always achieve is to genuinely:

  1. ‘Give it our best shot’, and
  2. ‘Treat the customer remarkably, whether they buy from us (or agree with us) today or not’.
  3. Learn, grow and improve from our experiences.

And what if we defined ‘winning’ as achieving these three things? Honestly?

I know it’s not PC, as Sales Managers the world over will be gnashing their teeth at this blasphemy, but, not only is it common sense (you can’t get your way in every interaction … it’s a simple fact and it’s bonkers to believe otherwise), but also, by having this (more honest) goal as your true ‘win’, you’ll reduce the stress, perform better, and by the way, also achieve a much better rate of success!

So, knowing this, what can we do in reality?

As a Business Owner or Manager, one of the key things you can do is to define the parameters and measures of:

  1. ‘Give it our best shot’, and
  2. ‘Treat the customer remarkably, whether they buy from us (or agree with us) today or not’.
  3. Continual growth and improvement.

Be testing and rigorous with this: no faffing about with wishy-washy ideas. These simple but powerful measures can then become your ‘lead measures’ of success, which, by the way, as they increase, will also increase your success rate!

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