What Are You Really Selling?

what are you really selling?

Some people think they’re not in the ‘sales department’.

Of course they are.

They\’re selling connection, communication or forward motion. They\’re selling ways of thinking, systems of work, or a chance to make a difference.

If you\’re trying to make change happen … in anything … anywhere … then you\’re selling something.

If you\’re not trying to make things better and change things, why are you here?

So sure, you\’re selling something.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, \”I\’m not here to be aggressive, pushy, loud or annoying, but I would like to work more effectively with you (and others) and improve things around here”.

That\’s probably true. At least I hope it is.

The problem is that people see ‘selling’ or ‘being assertive’ or ‘making change happen’ as activities that involve the need to be aggressive, pushy, loud or annoying.

But they don’t.

That doesn’t work: as soon as you’re any of those things, then the very people you’re trying to influence will shut down and resist you.

And even if they comply, it’ll be grudging … at best!

Far better to slow down and work on behaviours that get people wanting to change and wanting to engage with you. It takes a bit more time up front, but it pays back in spades down the road…

Slow tip: slow down and develop habits of engagement and interest: these are exactly what you’ll learn in the ‘Slow Selling’ systems and book.

Because, in the long run, the person you’re dealing with always has a choice: will I engage emotionally or not (no matter what I do physically).

Here is a 4 minute video of Guy Arnold talking about this:

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